Please allow to include audio/video/pdf files

When I want to insert audio, video, and PDF in Inkdrop, it prompts me to insert only images. Worse, even though I have these files locally, I still can’t insert them by pointing to the local path.

I was wondering if Inkdrop might allow additional formats of resources. The best way to do this is to upload these files to the Inkdrop server. Or is it possible to provide a plugin that automatically uploads these files to the user’s remote drive? Worst case, allow pointing to local paths to insert these files.

Update: Pointing to a local file via an absolute path seems to work. But I found that if HTML is used, the component changes cannot be updated in the preview in real-time. Specifically, I used the following code to insert audio.

<audio controls="" preload="auto">
    <source src="C:\Users\{my_username}\Desktop\xxxx.wav">

Finally, I’m still looking forward to Inkdrop itself, or a plugin, that allows the insertion of files in additional formats and provides users with a unified file storage experience with automatic uploads.

Hi Rongxin,

That’s duplicate of

Video formats would be still nice to support as GitHub recently does, but that’s not prioritized at the moment.
Let me improve the core feature as I wrote in the current roadmap here.

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Understand. It’s a pity I can’t develop a plugin that automatically uploads files to a remote drive.

Besides, could you check the real-time preview of HTML components? As mentioned above, components with HTML syntax don’t seem to refresh in real-time in the preview.

Editing inline HTML updates the preview in real-time.
I guess <audio> tag can’t change the source tags on the fly by the Chromium’s design.