Pin notes and reminder

(andi) #1

Hi @craftzdog,

if you are still looking for ideas for the next roadmap, these things came to my mind:

  • Pin notes to the top: Allows you to pin certain notes to the top of a notebook
  • Reminder for notes

A major thing would be:

  • Plugins for mobile

But I am not sure if that is even possible! :thinking:

Let me know what you think, could also imagine developing a plugin if u reckon these things are not a fit for the next roadmap. :wink:


(Takuya Matsuyama) #2

Hi andi,

Thank you for the suggestion.
I’m writing a draft of the roadmap right now.
It will be soon announced to the paid users first.

Those two features would be nice to have.
Pin notes to the top is similar to Evernote’s Shortcuts feature.
We need to discuss which one would be better.
I pesonally like shortcuts.

Reminder for notes would be more like a todo app feature.
As a note-taking app, I would rather focus on features for editing and organizing.
So it would be nice to be a plugin.

I have written a blogpost about plugins for mobile.
Please check out.

I will make a place to discuss about the next roadmap soon. Please wait for a while!

Thanks again for letting me know your thoughts.

Boostnote alternative - feature requests
(andi) #3

Cool, makes sense!

Thx for the article was quite interesting.