Option to disable entire line copying with cmd-c if nothing is selected

Currently, cmd-c will copy the entire line if nothing is currently selected. I use talon to interact with my computer by voice and I have many commands which automate the pressing of cmd-c in order to determine if anything is selected, and act differently if so. Would it be possible to add a new action that could be bound to cmd-c which does not copy the entire line if nothing is selected?

Hi zach,

Thank you for the question.
To change the editor behaviors, you have to create your own command and bind it to a keystroke.
cmd-c is bound to core:copy command with body selector.
You can create a command like custom:copy with .CodeMirror textarea.
I’m planning to write about such customizations in detail on the documentations.
So please wait.

Here is a documentation about how to tweak commands:

You have to learn CodeMirror’s API to change the copy operation.

Cool thanks