Open new window to follow mouse location

I’m running Inkdrop on a laptop with two external monitors attached. When I double click a document from Inkdrop, it opens the new window on the main monitor (laptop’s monitor).

What I’m asking is if we can have Inkdrop to open the new windows on the same monitor where the mouse is currently located.

Thank you


Thank you for the suggestion.
Yeah it would be nice to support but it is difficult because I don’t have a second display.
You can make a plugin for the feature, something like:

inkdrop.onAppReady(() => {
  if (!inkdrop.isMainWindow) {
    // Get BrowserWindow of the current window
    const window = inkdrop.window
    // Move window..



If it’s okay for the window to be opened on top of the previously focused Inkdrop window my center-on-top plugin may be useful.

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Thanks @jmerle, this would do the job.

Well done :handshake:

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