Nextline is added after inline code when rendered into .html or .pdf


  • Platform: Windows
  • Platform version: 10
  • App Version: 5.3.0


  1. Write a paragraph with inline code
  2. Export as PDF or HTML

Expected Result

The note appearing as it is in Markdown when converted to PDF format.

Actual Result

Here we can see that the output is broken down into multiple lines after an inline code, affecting readability.


I am planning to make Inkdrop as my main note-taking app as it has all of the features I need and I am having a blast so far! However, I also use it to generate reports and often utilize inline code blocks to form my reports. This is only a minor annoyance though, so I’m wondering if a fix exists to improve the readability of the generated PDF reports.


Hi Mon,

Thank you for reporting.
That’s weird. I’ve tried to reproduce it but couldn’t. It exports a PDF as expected:

Reproduction Markdown

## Gaining Context

Upon logging in, we can check for unusuial network connections and unusual processes using `netstat` and `ps`.

We'll start with a `netcat` command.


What does the exported HTML code look like?
Looks like other lines are working fine even with inline code blocks. So, perhaps you have an unexpected hidden character that breaks the line.
Hope it helps.

Hi @craftzdog! Thank you for replying!

I tried to replicate the issue over and over and still got the same result.

However, after trying to fiddle with the plugins I have, I have pinpointed the culprit to be the copy-code-to-clipboard plugin. After disabling it, the issue went away.

Thank you!

Good to hear that it was due to the plugin.
It’d be nice to report it to the plugin author :slight_smile:
I mark this topic as resolved.