MacOS Spotlight and Windows Search integration

Dear Matsuyama-san,

congratulations on the release of Inkdrop v4! It seems that all the hard work has paid off!

I am currently evaluating the software for my needs, and I love that the software is multi-platform and has mobile apps as well. I am not a fan of Electron and the “sluggishness” it brings, but that is a topic for a different post :slight_smile:.

I was wondering if you have plans to integrate Inkdrop with macOS Spotlight and Microsoft Search? My usual workflow when I am on the Mac (my main computer, where I spend 90% of my time), is to open “Spotlight Search” and just type in what I am looking for. It does not find any notes within Inkdrop though. This would be highly beneficial to me and a great feature.

Is a search integration planned? Is this something you would consider to add in v4?

All the best,


Hi Jason,

Thank you for the suggestion.
I understand your workflow and the native search extensions would be great to have.
However, as it’s not a native app, it would be hard and takes time to support in terms of implementation.
So I’m afraid that it is not planned to be supported at the moment.

This is a fantastic idea and I would like to wholeheartedly +1 it.

As I said, it’s technically difficult.
But instead, I’m planning to create a plugin that enables a search API which can be invoked via HTTP on localhost.
It allows you to create useful tools to search notes and open them from launchers like Alfred on macOS and WoX on Windows.

Well, that is very unfortunate :frowning_face:. That is a dealbreaker for me. I am not willing to install another tool just to search my notes – even though I have a perfect system search that works for everything else.

It’s a pity, I had high hopes that Inkdrop would suit my needs. Well, I’ll take another look in a year or two and see if anything has changed. Thanks for the quick reply and your open ear @craftzdog! Much appreciated!