iOS app can push to my own CouchDB, but not pull from it

Bug report

I’m kind of lost here.
I have successfully installed and configured a CouchDB with signed SSL and use it to sync my PC and Macbook with no issues. I can create and edit notes on one end, and it shows up on the other. However the iOS app is only able to write, not read. It doesn’t pull any changes made by the Macbook or Windows PC. So it ends up overwriting their notes, when I open a note on the iOS app, this will make the iOS app think, it should sync the note, and the new (updated note) is overwritten by the old note.


  • Platform: iOS


  • Install CouchDB on Ubuntu 16.04
  • Add a signed domain cert
  • Create notebook and write notes with Windows and/or Mac OSX Inkdrop application
  • Try to sync notes to iPhone (not working)
  • Try to create new note from iPhone (working)

I must add. The iOS app, says it is synchronized, even though it is not. It seems it misses some checks in the code here.

Hi Peter,

That’s weird.
Basically Inkdrop official database is CouchDB and it works fine.
Maybe you should check if there’s any error logs output in your db log and nginx log.

Indeed it is. Below is the couchdb.log showing the mobile client and the desktop client. So what happens is when I sync from the iOS app, it connects, but gets nothing. I’m not sure, but it seems to talk about a timeout. Even though it’s instant when I press sync. The windows app works as it should.

I obfuscated the log data for privacy reasons.

[Mobile Client iOS - not working]
[notice] 2018-11-06T08:49:26.703771Z couchdb@ <0.23653.40> 5fcf58a4f1 54.243.999.99 myuser GET / 200 ok 1
[notice] 2018-11-06T08:49:26.773065Z couchdb@ <0.23653.40> 71162aaa42 54.243.999.99 myuser GET /mynotesdb/_changes?timeout=55000&style=all_docs&heartbeat=10000&filter=mobile%2Fsync&since=0&limit=100 404 ok 2

[Desktop Client Windows - working]
[notice] 2018-11-06T08:58:19.635021Z couchdb@ <0.856.41> 2d086f35fe 54.243.999.99 myuser GET /mynotesdb/_local/SzhFFbdHA43fjLY9ZzuT8w%3D%3D? 200 ok 1
[notice] 2018-11-06T08:58:19.667474Z couchdb@ <0.697.41> 82108bbca0 54.243.999.99 myuser POST /mynotesdb/_bulk_docs 201 ok 18

It seems like the iOS app gets a 404, and yet registers that as being synced.

Does something spring to mind?

404 is strange - Could you show me your nginx config?