Inkdrop on corporate windows 10 PC

Is there any way to get inkdrop running on a modern Windows 10 corporate PC? Tons of restrictions, the most important being:

  • No .exe allowed to run if it’s not in C:/Program files or C:/Program files (x86)

So no installation to my local user home directory (C:/Users//*) will ever be allowed to run. Which of course breaks a ton of existing software.

I have a special developer permit on my machine, so I’m able to install whatever I want. But I must adhere to the above rule.

Thank god for Windows subsystem for Linux, that’s my only way to get stuff like the python anaconda up and running. But getting inkdrop to run in WSL is a separate topic (just gathering symptoms, coming soon…) And running inkdrop natively in windows would still be preferred, it’s much less hassle to click on the inkdrop symbol than starting starting X client on windows, starting WSL and typing “inkdrop &”

Hi Jan,

Thank you for the report.
I understand you would like to use the app in your corporate Windows 10 environment.
However, I’m afraid that it is not possible in terms of implementation.
As Electron apps depend on Squirrel.Windows for its auto-update functionality, they have to reside in local user home directory.
I hope Electron will also support corporate environments in the future but I can’t do anything for it at the moment.

Thanks, I thought it might be something like that. Unless I can convince this app that my home directory actually is Program files/inkdrop and running it with admin priviliges there is probably no way to shoehorn it into a corporate restricted W10 environment.

My plan B is trying to get it working in Windows subsystem for linux: Inkdrop on Windows Subsystem for Linux

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