Improved Table Editing

It would be good if the table editing was improved to be more automatic when adding new cells and automatic aligning of the column borders to make it easier to read as you’re creating the tables.

Another markdown editor, Typora, does it like this:


Thank you for the suggestion, Stephen.

I understand editing Markdown table is a bit annoying now, so a shorthand for generating tables would be nice to have.
I think adding a toolbar button (and a shortcut key) for generating tables would be great.

Has this feature been added? My apologies if I am missing it somewhere obvious :confused:
If not, then a +1 for this feature from me

Hi Tyler,

Not yet. Because I’m working on the new mobile app now.
Thank you for letting me know.

If you are interested in making a plugin for this feature, this documentation would be helpful:

+1 as well this would be a really nice feature to have. It would be really cool if it could handle code snippets as well within the cell, so you can implement a table-style similar to

+1 I miss a simpler editing style.

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Let’s consider it for the next roadmap.

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It looks promising. I would like to integrate it:


That looks amazing. Any news on the integration?

It’s already been implemented in v4.3.0. Please refer to the release note.

I’m on 4.3.2 on Linux and the tab and shift-tab behaviour is not bound by default.

'.CodeMirror textarea':
  'tab': 'editor:move-to-next-table-cell'

Enables the correct tab navigation in tables but overrides the normal tab indenting in the whole editor.


  1. What would be the correct keybinding for this so tab works out of tables in the editor?
  2. Is this a bug?

That’s weird. You shouldn’t have to change your keymap. I’ll look into it. Thanks!

Great, let me know if you need more information (by the way - adding a table row with enter works out of the box - maybe that helps).

One more question regarding the improved table editing in general. The GIF above showcases automatic resizing of the table. That’s not implemented as far as I can tell, is it planned?
I like to work with just markdown without the rendered preview and this would enhance the experience further.

The feature focuses on helping edit tables and cosmetic assisting is out of scope for this issue.
So, prettifying Markdown would be another issue.
It would be nice to have but not planned yet as I would focus on improving other features at the moment.

v4.3.3 should work as expected on Linux as well. Thanks again for the report, @anon79621346!

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Can confirm, it works now. Thanks a lot!

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This is great, but the main annoyance that has always prevented me from using tables in markdown is the need for going through and adding or removing spaces to every column every time you make an edit to one of the rows. The table will always be formatted correctly in the preview, but I almost never work with the preview open and tables are impossible to read when they are just pipe-delimited lists.

Bump, I’ve just published my Table Editor plugin which greatly improves the default table editing functionality:


This is incredible!!!
Thanks Jasper!