Impove import markdown files - Filenames become Titles

Inkdrop is a great app. I want use and pay for it. iOS, Windows, Mac - works great on all devices. But…

For a long time I have been using md files. The problem is a lot of markdown files with hashtags are imported and one of the hashtags becomes the title of the inkdrop note.

“Meaningful file”
file content

Tag2 - Title
file content

So all my current notes cannot be imported normally. No such problem in Joplin, but Inkdrop has an smarter UI/UX

Hi Dmitry,

Thank you for the report.
That looks like a bug.
Inkdrop supports extracting a heading as the note title, but the regex pattern /^#+/ also matches hashtags, which causes the issue. It should be /^#+\s/ instead.
I built a patched binary here for macOS. Could you try it?

Checked it out, works great!
:grin: :sparkles:

Great! Thanks for letting me know.