Images Wont Show When Still Syncing

Bug report


  • Platform: macOS
  • Platform version: Monterey 12.3.1 (21E258)
  • App Version: Version 5.5.1 (5.5.1)

How to reproduce

  • Just sync on a new PC when you have quite a bit of images.

Possible Solution

I think if possible, just sync the images on the note the user opened first, that way user can at least see the image.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the report.
Yeah, it’s kind of annoying when you are on a new PC.
However, CouchDB’s replication protocol only lets you sync in chronological order.
I’ll plan to support it when I find a way to solve that.

Hi Takuya! Are the images in CouchDB?

I was expecting it was on S3 or something else that is dedicated to hosting images.

Might be good to decouple it with CouchDB though, for things like this. :slight_smile:

Yes, because CouchDB & PouchDB’s sync protocol is reliable. Decoupling would solve that but causes a lot of breaking changes in the core modules. Let me look for another solution.