How to sync settings

I use Inkdrop on windows and linux platforms and I would like to have my settings sync’ed between both the systems. I am also checking if it is possible to sync my plugins and theme.


Hi Shashank,

Thank you for the question.
I’m afraid that syncing settings across devices is not supported.
Because the app settings could depend on a platform with keymaps, plugins and themes.
If you still would like to sync without caring about that, you can copy config.cson, keymap.cson and packages directory in the user data directory via git or something.
But it might cause unknown issue, so please do it at your own risk.
And note that installed plugins may have many files in their node_modules directory.

Just wanted to chime in here and share a plugin I created called settings-sync that syncs a subset of your settings across devices.

Right now it supports:

  • Installed plugins/themes
  • Active themes
  • Acrylic Translucent Background

You’ll need a GitHub account, since it uses a private gist to save your settings remotely.

I plan on adding support for syncing additional settings in the future, as well as letting users opt in/out of which things they want synced per device.

It’s definitely not perfect, so feel free to open up an issue if you run into any problems! Thanks!


Love it!!! Thank you so much for creating such a great plugin, @Fred_Luetkemeier :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: