How to logout / switch accounts?


Both I and a co-worker have InkDrop accounts we are testing to see if it suits our needs.

After installation, the login screen appears. We can login to our respective accounts. How do we logout, so that for example, another person can use the same computer with their own InkDrop account?

In fact, I would like to be able to logout anyway. For example, I might want to lend my computer to someobody without them being able simply to enter InkDrop and see all my private notes. There should be an option that closing the app logs you out. Is this possible?



Hi Bob,

Thank you for the question.
You can log out from a menu on the right side of your account name at the left bottom corner on the window:

This does look solved, but I think the confusion might have arisen initially because in the demo version there is no account to log out from. That option only appears if you select the 60 day trial, setup your account and then download the app.

Hi Al,

Thank you for the feedback.
Yeah, I understand that’s kind of confusing.
I guess people tend to look at menu to log out.

From v3.20.0 “Log Out…” item has been added on the application menu.
Thanks again.