Faster and more intuitive traversal with nested bullets in lists

Bug report

First of all, thank you so very much for your hard work on Inkdrop. I absolutely love this application and use it for everything now. This is a suggestion for a feature that already exists, and is quite minor, but I bring it up because it would help me work faster and I would spend less time on formatting.

For unordered lists, the way that I see to traverse through nested points is by tabbing to create new nests. However, if you want to return to a higher level for your next bullet point, you must backspace a few times so that it’s inline with the other higher levels. To be more specific, I’ve included an example below with line numbers. If you want your bullet on line 3 to be the same level as line 1, then you hit enter and backspace a few times. Inkdrop’s color formatting helps tremendously with this, but I type by touch so I’d prefer not to have to look at my editor and text until I’m ready to spell-check and review what I wrote. My suggestion is that instead of having to backspace manually, if you are already within a list and are on line 2, to return to the same level as line 1 when you proceed to line 3, you would simply need to press enter twice (once to create new bullet, again to match the previous level). This would be the same for further nests, so let’s say that you are nested 3 levels and now you want to return to the left-most bullet level. You would hit enter 4 times and your list would automatically tab correctly and insert the hyphen or asterisk so that you wouldn’t have to type it out and you wouldn’t have to worry about manually checking the whitespace. Thank you for your time and effort, looking forward to continuing to support your work!

  • first bullet (1.)
    • nested bullet (2.)
  • returning to higher level (3.)


  • Platform: Windows
  • Platform version: 10
  • App Version: v5.4.3

How to reproduce

Create unordered list with at least two bullets. Indent and nest the second (or third) bullet. When you have entered content for that list item and you want your next bullet to be a higher level, you must backspace several times (however many spaces your tabsize is) so it matches the level that you intend it to be.

Hi Jake,

Thank you for the suggestion.
I guess you are talking about un-indentations, which can be done by pressing Shift-Tab.
Hope that helps.