Exporting a untitled file should have a default title

Bug report

Hey Takuja,

I have stumpled on a bug or unwated behaviour that happens if you export an Untitled Note. So if you have an Note with content but without a title, the file will be exported as randomid--randomid. This behaviour happens if you export all your Notes as local markdown files as some sort of “backup”.

If you want to export the single file that is untitled, the name suggestion for it is the file type, so it would be .md.md as filename which is not that good for a file name :slight_smile:

I think this should be like untitled.fileformat or if you export all your Notes as a “backup” the name should be something like randomid-untitled-randomid.


  • Platform: macOS
  • Platform version: Monterey Version 12.2.1 (21D62)
  • App Version: Version 5.5.3 (5.5.3)

How to reproduce

  1. create a file without a title
  2. either export the file itself or export all of your notes with the option “Export → All Notes”
  3. go to local folder and take a look at the file name with should be like randomIDrandomID

Thanks you in advance, if there is something not clear enough or explained poorly, I will try my best to provide the missing information

Hi Julian,

Thanks for the report. You are right, it should have a filename as you suggested.
I’ll fix it when I’m back to working on the desktop app :slight_smile: