Editing of JavaScript Configuration from Within Inkdrop App


When editing the javascript to add new functions to Inkdrop, I had to find the location where to add / edit the appropriate javascript file to introduce new features like using a template to create a document from while using CMD+SHIFT+J for example. Might it be interesting to be able to edit these artifacts from within the app as one of the notebooks.

State of the Art? Maybe?

The editor Trilium allows you to make runnable documents from within their editor to execute javascript to do something functional with the editor. Preferences, are an traditional way to modify the behaviour of the application from within the application context.

Proposal / Idea

Can we expose some of the files like init.js and even the plugin architecture to be available to edit from with the application and more importantly, to replicated to each instance of the application that I run on my different machines so that I can have the same set of customized keystroke driven functionality available to me where ever I am!


Hi James,

Thank you for the suggestion.

Yeah, it would be useful to support editing init.js and styles.less on the app.
I’ll consider implementing it in the future.
It is straightforward to add a tab on the Preferences window.
BTW, you can open the user data directory from Preferences -> General -> Open Config Folder.

Syncing plugins is not going to be supported, as they don’t always work on every platform like vibrant-dark-ui.
init.js and styles.less are advanced customizations.
You can do almost anything but it should be managed manually to avoid unexpected behaviors on your other clients.
Maybe you can make a plugin to do that. For example, a plugin that allows you to run a JS from a particular note as you mentioned about Trilium.

Thanks again for your thoughts!