Creating Theme Problems

Hi Takuya,

I have never used Gulp or Semantic before but wanted to create a theme. I followed your instruction in documentation page but unfortunately, gulp is very problematic with the new version of Node (12.xx, 13.xx)

Which version of Node and Gulp are you using?
Also, I tried to use Fomantic but I got different problems as well.


Hi Erdem,

That’s great to hear!
You have to use node@10 to use Semantic-UI.
Yeah, it’s no longer maintained and I would like to migrate to Fomantic-UI in the future.

Upgraded Gulp to 4. Now it should work with Node > 10!

To upgrade your theme,

  1. Copy the following files and folder:
    • gulpfile.js
    • semantic.json
    • tasks folder
  2. Update the dependencies
  3. Apply diffs of the files in src/themes/default/
  4. Update .nvmrc file to use Node > 10
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