Creating Dark UI?

I have created syntax theme and preview theme with custom colors and they work fine with the Inkdrop’s Default Dark UI.

But the preview theme will not work correctly when I am creating a custom UI theme. The preview theme seems to think that the UI is light version and does not provide the correct coloring I have made (github-markdown-dark.less).

I have followed the theming guide from here:

Where should I tell that my UI is dark-ui for Inkdrop to get correct version of my preview theme?

I’m probably missing some obvious, but this is currently blocking the release of the themes and would like to get these released :slight_smile:

Okay, I got it working. :sweat_smile:

It was just that the theme needs to have the dark in it’s name addition to required ui.

So in the package.json

  "name": "your-theme-name-dark-ui"
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Hi Sami,

Glad you solved it and thanks for the PR to the doc!

The app <body> element has current theme names in its class name and the styles of the default preview theme for dark UI have the selector body[class*="dark-ui"].
That’s why you have to name it ending with dark-ui.
Anyway, thank you for creating the beautiful theme!!


Thanks for the explanation Takuya.

I’m happy that you liked the theme :blush:

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