Cannot import html files

Bug report

Hi, I’m new for Inkdrop. Same as other newcomers:-) I want to import data from Evernote.
So I did:

  • Export data on Evernote as sample1.html
  • Create a new notebook: sample1
  • File - import - from html file
  • select ‘sample1’ notebook
  • select ‘sample1.html’ file.
  • inkdrop puts long error dialog(it’s too long too read)
  • and on developer console: ‘app:error Notification: +5m Failed to import the HTML file’ ‘EvalError: Refused to evaluate a string as JavaScr…e-script-content\inline-script-content.js:138:30)’


  • Platform: Windows
  • Platform version: Windows10 Pro
  • App Version: 4.3.3

I posted a screenshot and actual exported file here:

Hi Furukawa-san,

Thank you for reporting it.
The issue is caused by a change made in the last release which disables unsafe-eval to remove an unnecessary security vulnerability.
I built a patch for this issue, can you please try it?:

Yes! I got working! Thank you for your quick support.


v4.3.4 is out. Thanks again for reporting it!

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