Best and quickest way to import notes from Boostnote?

Hello, I just subscribed to inkdrop and I’d like to move my notes from BoostNote to inkdrop, but if possible I would avoid to export and then import one single post at a time.
Is there a way (throughout the app or with a plugin) to import my entire boostnote library with a single click ?

Thank you very much.


  • Platform: macOS 10.13.6
  • Platform version: High Sierra
  • App Version: 4.3.4

Hi Cesco,

Thank you for the question.
I don’t know much about Boostnote but if it can export notes in .md format, you can import them with import-markdown plugin.

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Thank you


I’m struggling with the import of many markdown files having images… As use case consider a file (or many) in markdown format and there are images which are referenced using markdown markup. The images reside in subfolder, e.g. resources.

It seems that the import plugin ignores these directives and we end up with an imported markdown file without any images.

Is there a fix ?

Hi @psu_bar,

Yes, it does not support importing images from md/html files at the moment, since it might import a lot of files at once which would cause the high server load.
Let me carefully consider the best way to support it.
Maybe it would be nice to estimate number of files and size beforehand.

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Hi @craftzdog
ok can understand you concern… legit, let’s consider a common use case of 300 files with 150 perhaps having each 1-8 pictures … but indeed, cloud space might be a limiting factor …