App keeps crashing

Inkdrop has been crashing since I updated to Monterey. I have done all of the updates however it still continues to crash

Bug report


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How to reproduce

Are you trying to launch the Intel or AppleSilicon version of Inkdrop?

Inkdrop 5.4.3 (AppleSilicon) on an M1 Mac Mini running Monterey 12.0.1 (21A559) works for me with no issues


You have to use the Intel (x64) build, not arm64:
If you still have the issue with the x64 build, please report more detail as possible so that I can help you.

I already had Inkdrop installed and just tried to run it once my system finished updating to Monterey

The Error says minified React error # 290

I confirmed that Inkdrop works fine on my M1 MacBook Air with Monterey.
So, I assume that Monterey itself doesn’t cause any issues and it’s an application-level issue.
“minified React error # 290” seems to be caused by a plugin or something.
Can you tell me its stacktrace? Is it possible to share a screenshot?
Also, please try uninstalling the plugins.

I had to disable any plugin dealing with the notebooks…switch notebook., notebook list, move-note, etc. Now everything is working fine.

Thanks for the report. I suspect that switch-notebook plugin was causing the issue because it uses a string Ref in its component, which looks related to the error:[]=dialog

Just published switch-notebook@0.2.1 which uses React.createRef, I don’t have an M1 or updated to Monterey though so if someone can test it for me. :laughing:

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Thank you for updating the plugin, @Marconi_Moreto_Jr :raised_hands: