Android Note Lag

Bug report

When I open a note and change some stuff and hit the back button and open it again it shows the note from before I started typing. Only when I wait like 10 seconds (which feel like forever :stuck_out_tongue: ) before reopening it it actually show the latest version of the note. When the old version is opened it never autoupdates to the new one.


  • Platform: Android
  • Platform version: Android 8.1
  • App Version: Latest Android

Hi Sceptic,

Thank you for reporting it.
It would be a performance issue.
Could you provide me following information?

  • What is your device
  • How many notes you have is
  • How long your edited note is


  • A Blackberry Key2:

  • I estimate about 200.
    I don’t feel like counting sorry, could you implement a basic stats page in settings or something in a next update? I would also like to see a stat overview with how many notes are inside a Notebook and a Sub Notebook in a tree hyarchie like so:

    • Notebook1 #1
      – Notebooksub1 #12
      – Notebooksub2 #4
    • Notebook2 #5
  • Notes of all lengths have this problem.

Thanks for the info!
I think I found a way to solve this issue.
Displaying number of notes in a notebook tree would be nice. I’ll consider it in the future.

Great! Thanks for the quick fix.

Kind Regards

Glad to hear that!