[Android] Long press icon shortcuts

It would me nice to have long press icon shortcuts in the Android app.
At least shortcut like “New Note” would be very useful.

I agree.
For example:


Thank you for the suggestion.
Let me answer that after I got back from my vacation as I guess it needs to have some discussion.

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It would be nice to have but I, personally, rarely use the icon shortcuts on iOS.
So that would depend on user preference.
I would like to focus on the core features rather than the one which I don’t know how many people want at the moment.

Hey, it’s just a suggestion and basically it’s up to you :man_shrugging:

Yeah, and I just explained my decision and why. Thanks!

Anyway, the mobile app need some love, especially the Android one. The editor sometimes glitches and the cursor jumps randomly, especially when holding the backspace for a long time. This is what I noticed.

I’m aware of that and invested long time for the issue already but still no luck.
BTW, the editor is based on CodeMirror whose new version is currently being developed, is planned to support mobile platforms out of the box. Let’s wait for it.