Android Cursor wont place correctly when scrolled down in your note

Bug report

I believe this bug was reported once before and its now back.
The type cursor wont place correctly when scrolled down in your note.
Its annoying when you want to add something quickly at the bottom of a note that the app freaks out instead of simply placing the cursor in the right spot where you click.


  • Platform: Android
  • Platform version: 8.1.0
  • App Version: Latest


Open a long note, click somewhere near the end of the note, notice the page scroll somewhere randomly, the cursor is nowhere to be found, then you have to scroll down all the way again and click/touch again to actually be able to start writing at the place you tried to place the cursor.

Hi Sceptic,

Thank you for the report.
Android has a problem that it doesn’t give a focus on the editor with a touch for the first time.
I added a workaround for that issue but it doesn’t work for notes longer than your screen.
I looked into it again and found a fix for this issue.
It will be solved in the next release.

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Sweet, it works great now! :smile:

Thank you!

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