Android app is not syncing

notes I wrote on my mac are not synced to the android app. I use inkdrop server.


Hi Aziz,

Thank you for reporting. I need to reproduce the problem, could you tell me more detail?

  • Device model
  • Android version
  • When it stopped syncing
  • Is there any error message?
  • Does it still not work after restarting the app?

Pixel 2 XL
Android 8.1.0
last sync was 2 days ago
No error message (when I click sync, it syncs but none of my notes actually get updated)
I did restart the app, logged in and out, uninstalled and installed again. None of that fixed the problem


Is there a possibility that the mac client doesn’t sync?
Please try syncing manually by clicking “Synchronize notes” menu:

That worked. I hid the sidebar and forgot it existed.
Is it possible to make the sync automatic?

Good to hear that.

Syncing is automatic. However if it kept failing for long time due to such as offline or network problem, it defers retrying with exponential backoff.
It automatically retries when you are back online.