Allow filtering by multiple tags

It would be great to be able to select multiple tags to show only notes that have each of those tags. This could be done by, for example, holding Ctrl while clicking a tag, to select multiple tags.

Hypothetical example: I love soup, and have many notes where I review tasty soups, write about famous soup makers, and my own ideas for new soups. I have so many notes about soup, it’s difficult to find a particular one by simply filtering for the “soup” tag. I’m looking for a note I wrote a while ago about this great soup recipe. So I Ctrl+Click “soup” and then “recipes” to further narrow down my search.

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for the suggestion.
Currently you can do this by two ways:

Right-click a tag by which you want to filter on the note list:

or, on the editor:

But it would be nice to support the way you mentioned: Click while holding ctrl to filter by tag on the tag list. I guess it’s intuitive.
Thanks again for letting me know!

I didn’t know it could be done this way. I do think it would be faster to be able to do it from the sidebar either through Ctrl+Click, or by adding the “Filter by Tag” option to the right click menu of tags in the sidebar. But I’m happy filtering by multiple tags can be done already. Thank you for pointing out how to do this!

I’m still in the trial, but I’m sure I’ll soon be a subscribing customer. I’m moving over from Boostnote because it doesn’t have a mobile app and is quite buggy. I also gave Standard Notes a try, but it just doesn’t have the level of polish that InkDrop has. Thank you for the quality note taking app!


v4.3.3 now supports adding a tag filter condition by pressing a tag on the sidebar while holding cmd/ctrl key.