Abcjs Implementation

I have always used separate software to generate music notation. Then, I have to export it to a format that I can incorporate into my digital notebook. I’m thinking it would be great to incorporate the abcjs library by Paul Rosen and Gregory Dyke into a plugin that could process the abc syntax and display sheet music in the markdown preview.

Here is a demo from the authors: abcjs-editor

I’ve never written a plugin like this before, so I’m not sure where to begin exactly, but I plan to research this to see if it’s a possibility, as I have time.


Hi audiosyncrasy,

It’d be a great plugin.
You can learn how to make a plugin with this documentation:
I think it’s helpful to look into flowchart plugin because it’s similar to what you want to do.

I took a look at the demo plugin and tutorial as well as the flowchart plugin you referenced. I’m pretty new to programming, in general, and especially React so I’m going to keep building my skills and circle back to this plugin idea later.

Thanks for the help!